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  • What's included in Telehealth Mastery?

    When you enrol in Telehealth Mastery, you gain access to 6 weeks of online training and a LinkedIn group where you can engage with like-minded peers.

    You’ll also receive a downloadable workbook to guide your learning and, when you complete the activity, you’ll gain 40 CPD points from the RACGP or 6 PDP points with the ACRRM.

  • How much time do I need to set aside for this activity?

    The Foundational Activity is completed over 6 weeks from the time of your enrolment. To graduate, you’ll need to complete each unit and attend 2 group webinars.

    We recommend you allocate 1 hour per week plus another 2 hours for the breakout sessions or webinars. Of course, if you prefer, you can do larger chunks of work over a shorter period of time.

  • Who teaches the activity?

    You’ll be learning from:

    Gillian AlexisCEO and founder of Phenix Health, an entrepreneur with a blended career of business and health research who has devoted several decades managing and developing virtual healthcare business, winning a few telemedicine awards along the way.

    Ellie BakkerCEO and co-founder of Splice Marketing, one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most dynamic health and medical marketing agencies, and Splice Consulting, which provides business advisory services to healthcare professionals keen to grow their practices.

  • How much does this activity cost?

    The Foundational Activity costs $1,200 for 6 weeks’ worth of hands-on training and is worth 40 CPD points.

Activity curriculum

  • 1

    Introductory Module

    • Welcome to Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity: Implementing and sustaining Telehealth in General Practice

    • Predisposing Questionnaire (requirement of the activity, time spent is factored into the course. Allow 1 hour)

    • Welcome message from Gillian Alexis

    • Your course speakers

    • Learning Outcomes of the Course

    • Practical Outcomes

    • The process to receive your CPD / PDP points

    • How to navigate this learning platform

    • Activity outline

  • 2

    Module 1: Preparing to introduce telehealth into your practice

    • Module 1 Overview

    • Understanding the Digital Landscape

    • Introducing guest speak Dr Andrew Baird - A GP Colleague & Telehealth Advocate

    • Interview with Dr Baird - Changes to Digital Landscape

    • Introduction to the next section, the benefits of Telehealth

    • Introducing the benefits of Telehealth

    • Benefits of incorporating Telehealth into your practice > For Clinicians

    • Benefits of incorporating Telehealth into your practice > For Practices

    • Dr Baird Interview - Overcoming the challenges of Telehealth

    • Benefits of incorporating Telehealth into your practice > For Patients

    • Dr Baird - The benefits of Telehealth to patients in his practice

    • Introduction to a short quiz

    • Test your knowledge: understanding the benefits of telehealth.

    • Exercise introduction: Beyond the four walls

    • Exercise: Beyond the four walls

    • Response to question 'Beyond the four walls'

    • Interview with Dr Baird the future of General Practice beyond Four Walls

    • Our 6 step methodology for telehealth sustainability

    • Step 1 of 6 - A new clinical mindset

    • Dr Baird Interview - Overcoming the challenges of Telehealth

    • Step 2 of 6 - Remote patient care

    • Step 3 of 6 - Quality improvements (part 1)

    • Step 3 of 6 - Quality improvements (part 2)

    • Step 4 of 6 - Pre-authorisation and reimbursement

    • Step 5 of 6 - Pre-visit patient tech check

    • Step 6 of 6 - User training for telehealth (part 1)

    • Step 6 of 6 - User training for telehealth (part 2)

    • Module summary

  • 3

    Module 2: Telehealth Regulations

    • Industry Telehealth guidelines and current information

    • RACGP Guidelines for telehealth

    • ACRRM Telehealth Guidelines

  • 4

    Module 3: Risk, Insurance and Revenue Models & Suitable Presentations Models

    • Module 3: Risk, Insurance and Revenue Models & Suitable Presentations Models

    • Insurance preparation and Telehealth

    • Professional indemnity insurance and Telehealth

    • Understanding your insurance as it relates to Telehealth

    • Telehealth information and factsheets from Avant

    • Introduction to our legal speaker, Jeanette Jifkins, Principal Lawyer

    • Interview with Jeanette, Principal Lawyer on risk management

    • Interview with Jeanette, Principal Lawyer on policies, procedures and insurance

    • Interview with Jeanette, Principal Lawyer on consent, privacy and confidentiality

    • Interview with Jeanette, Principal Lawyer on data protection and cyber security

    • Interview with Jeanette, Principal Lawyer on Prescriptions, Medicare and Billing

    • Introducing the quiz to test your knowledge around the legal considerations of Telehealth

    • Test your knowledge around the legal considerations of Telehealth

    • Answers to the knowledge test

    • Revenue models for Telehealth

    • MBS Item Numbers

    • Australian Doctor Telehealth MBS Item Numbers Guides

    • Private billing for GPs not associated with a practice

    • Medicare and Billing with Synapse Medical Billings

    • Advice from Margaret of Synapse Medical Billing

    • Medicare Items Numbers through Department of Health

    • Share your questions around legal, risks and insurance

    • Introduction to assessment

    • Reflection exercise around security

    • Telehealth security points

    • FAQ - Can I use telehealth a carer or relative?

    • FAQ - Can I do a care plan via telehealth?

  • 5

    Module 4: Incorporating Telehealth into your practice - the set up

    • Introduction to Module 4: Technology

    • Implementing Telehealth into the practice.

    • Reflection exercise to prepare you for the lessons in this module

    • Types of telehealth technologies

    • The Telehealth software landscape

    • 3 types of software used to deliver Telehealth

    • Technology insight #1 - Phenix Health

    • Technology insight #2 - Health Direct

    • Technology insight #3 - Zoom

    • Introduction to breakout session - Telehealth technology demonstrations

    • Book in for your live technology demonstration session

    • Tips and advance methods implementing telehealth

    • Telehealth management for practices - transition from phone to video

    • Dr Baird Interview - Phone vs Telehealth Adoption

    • Fitting telehealth appointments in with face-to-face appointments

    • Experiences with telehealth and controlling the environment

    • Evolution of patient expectations in healthcare

    • Understanding a patients rights for virtual care and why it's so important to your success

    • The recommended 8 key workflows and technologies for creating a great GP and patient experience with Telehealth

    • Virtual waiting rooms and offering a positive patient experience

    • Types of presentations for Telehealth

    • Referring to specialist services with Telehealth

    • Dr Baird Interview - Multidisciplinary teams

    • RACGP resource: Telehealth video consultation specialist checklist

    • RACGP resource: Practice introduction letter to specialists

    • Aged Care management via Telehealth

    • Chronic disease management via Telehealth

    • Dr Baird - Remote patient monitoring

    • Interview with Michelle O'Brien around remote patient monitoring

    • 'Hospital in the Home' and mental health consultations

    • S8&S4 Drugs - when not to prescribe and locations

    • S8 drugs and information from ACT Health

    • Australian Government, Department of Health Resource: Prescriptions via Telehealth

    • Limitations of Telehealth & electronic scripts

    • Summary of launching Telehealth

  • 6

    Module 5: Business Preparation

    • Telehealth business strategy

    • Developing your telehealth business plan

    • Telehealth sustainability: 7 key workflows

    • 6 Key Telehealth Policies

    • Team training and IT support

  • 7

    Module 6: Marketing Your Telehealth Services

    • Introduction to the marketing module

    • Marketing Welcome Message

    • Meet your presenter, Ellie

    • Marketing Learning Outcomes

    • Benefits of Telehealth

    • Internal marketing

    • Marketing to current patients

    • Marketing to current patients part 2

    • Acquisition of new patients for your telehealth business

    • Share your questions around marketing

    • Introduction to the live session: Building your Telehealth marketing plan

    • Live session: Building your Telehealth marketing plan

  • 8

    Module 7: Final knowledge test and evaluation form

    • End of the Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity knowledge test

    • Implementation of Telehealth into General Practice Reinforcement Activity

    • Evaluation form for Telehealth Mastery Foundation Activity

    • Final thank you message